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One of my favorite mobile games – Royal Revolt 2 – was destroyed by micropayments!

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When I visited the Google Play store and noticed Royal Revolt 2 game, I was angry at myself that I missed the premiere just because in the previous version I used to spend hours. Now, after several hours of the Royal Revolt 2 gameplay I curse the creators and micropayments, this duo had ruined one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played.

If you have not played Royal Revolt, I’m going to rush with some explanations about what it exactly is. We personate the character of the prince who goes into battle. The board is made of a winding route, in which at the beginning is located our camp. At the other end there is an enemy castle gate that we are supposed to destroy. Along the route the enemy placed turrets that attack us and decimate our army. In addition, we find various obstacles like barricades and traps. Our task is to reach the target and destroy it as soon as possible. Brave knights, archers, mages and guns will help us. You can recruit them at the camp placed at the beginning of the road.

Aside from the fight, we also have character development, both hero and warrior. Our prince got a sword, helmet and armor which obviously can be improved. The figure also collects experience, which after some time turns into the next level. Along with improving levels, we also upgrade additional skills and special magical abilities.


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In the game there are two virtual currencies: gold and gems. We collect gold for winning the battle. Gems come slowly, as we are rewarded with them only if we really rapidly complete one of the numerous levels. For gems you can also purchase skills and items intended for higher levels. Significant facilitation, but they are not mandatory to go across the game. When we run out of games, we can wait or buy them with real money.

Already in the Virtual Assistant guide, we are suggested several times to speed up the construction castle’s elements for gems that are paid. At the beginning we get a package of gems to start. This ploy has been applied to prepare use to spend gems and make you aware how they can facilitate and speed up gameplay.
I played almost an hour, trying to build a bigger empire than my girlfriend who together with me, bravely fought in the Royal Revolt 2 on the iPad.

Conclusion? Overall this game is pretty interesting, really complex and combines elements of strategy, and what we know from the first part of the Royal Revolt. By building an empire, we must take care of the barracks, the magician tower, treasury, granary, a tavern and farm. Contrary to appearances, the life of the castle is very important. This unfortunately is not the only difference between the two parts of the game.

After a few minutes of fun, we begin to discover the true face of the game. It turns out that there is only one currency – gems!

Do you want to build something? Pay with gold and wait for a long time. You do not want to wait? Pay gems.
Do you want to attack? Pay food. Do not you have food? Pay gems.
Do you want to develop the city? Wait until the builder is free. You do not want to wait? Pay gems.
While going to fight, we can take only selected units. Do you want to take away more? Pay gems.
Do you want to heal faster? Use the magical scroll. As in previous cases, it can be purchased only with gems.

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How much gems? It depends. There are various promotions and packages. Looking at the standard price – 500 gems can be bought for approx. $5 USD. It’s enough to accelerate the construction of 2-3 buildings on the tenth level of the hero. You do not want to pay? Wait, sometimes even up to twelve hours. Therefore, if you already buy gems, you should buy enough to greatly facilitate the fun. How about 20 thousand, pink pebbles for only $120 USD? Cheap! Promotion!

The creators of the Royal Revolt – flaregames – killed a cult title. They murdered gameplay, violated the good name of the Royal Revolt. They made an attack on the players wallets.

The worst thing about all this is that players do not seem to see a problem. The first part of the Royal Revolt gathered in the Google Play ratings of 52.5 thousand whose average hovers at 4.4 points (on a five-point Google store scale). Meanwhile, Royal Revolt 2 already rated 47.5 thousand persons and the average is 4.5 points (on the same scale).

How is this possible? Game developers have very tactically approached the topic of ratings. Royal Revolt 2 game is literally begging for our votes while fun is in the full swing, we are expanding city, and free supply of gems which we got at the beginning of the game, seems to be enormous. It is a pity that after a while everything gets more expensive and there is no trace after gems.
After the Royal Revolt 2 game there is also no trace in my smartphone. It is a pity.